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Meet the humans with microchips implanted in them - CBS 22, 2016 - Microchip implants, popular with pets, are catching on with some humans despite the risks.
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                       Meet the humans with microchips implanted in them

Tim Shank's dogs have implanted GPS chips in case they get lost. Now, he has a chip of his own.

"This is an NFC chip, so it's similar to what phones have nowadays," he told CBS News of the chip inside him.

The Minnesota software engineer had a small incision made in his finger so the tiny chip, which emits low frequencies, could be inserted inside. He programmed the chip to open his smart lock at home and control his smartphone.

"It turned off my ringer," Shank showed off.

Tim Shank gets his chip implanted.


Krissy Heishman, from Dallas, has one, too.

"It's just like a little glass bead about the size of a tiny grain of rice," she said. She uses hers instead of a key card at work.

The online company Dangerous Things sells the device and an injection kit for $57, but the implants aren't being done in a doctor's office. Instead, tattoo and piercing shops in several parts of the country are performing the procedure.

"We're doing the procedure start to finish, just like we would do an earring or a nose ring [or] a belly button ring. It's just a little piece of glass," Ryan Mills of Skin Art Gallery said.

An X-ray shows the implanted microchips.


There's always a risk for infection if the procedure isn't done properly. On its site, Dangerous Things warns customers: "This device has not been tested or certified by any regulatory agency for implementation or use inside the human body. Use of this device is strictly at your own risk."

"Most of our customers know what they're doing and they understand the risk," Amal Graffstra of Dangerous Things said.

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